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Hi there ,I am Sogui WADE ,from Dakar Senegal .And am a licensed and very knowledgeable English and Spanish speaking tour guide with more than 20 years of practice. Talking about my credentials, I am a veteran in tourism and in the past, I worked with all the European biggest tour operators in Senegal ,therefore a very solid experience that makes ,that I am specialised in all the fields of tourism even birding .Should you want to know ,why my colleagues call me the walking encyclopedia or professor ,join my tours . More my professionnalism and my legendary smile are still echoing around the world . All my tours are built on professionnalism and quality .Sogui is eager to share his love of this culturally and historically rich country with you.

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Half day Tour :Explore Goree Island

Departure to explore: Gorée island, where, in the early 15th century, millions of Black people were enslaved and shipped for the Americas. Gorée island was the slave's transit base in West Africa. Explore the slave houses and its famous “DOOR OF NO RETURN”. On Gorée, you will learn how people were enslaved, abused, downgraded for centuries. After the 1830 French church, walk through Gorée's narrow and colourful streets to see the 1852 French fortress, the 1481 Portuguese chapel, the former French governor's palace and so on! Price:165 USD per person 

Included : Pick up and drop off at your selected hotel or location •Transportation in an air conditioned car or minivan or bus to the ferry station •ferry ticket for Goree island •Slaves house and museum fee •Lunch in a seaview restaurant •All applicable taxe

Excluded Beverage

Minimum participants :2 Maximumparticipants : 30

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Gorée island ' slaves house

Full Day Tour : visit a world heritage site Gorée and Dakar

.Gorée island is world heritage site classified by the UNESCO. , This famous island was very active in slave trade ,and will from 1536 to 1848 ,year of the abolition of slavery be ,the main transit center ,where 15 to 20 slaves will be shipped for the America's. Slavery will first start on the island practiced by the Portuguese in 1536 .On Gorée island ,we will open a chapter of the history of mankind with the visit of THE SLAVES HOUSE and its famous "DOOR OF NO RETURN",which was the last link of the slave with the Motherland or Africa .Here you learn how Black people were abused,downgraded,brutalized by the slaves merchants ,and their collaborators for nearly 4 centuries.Then Dakar ,to visit its hidden wonders such as: the Monument Of The African Renaissance ,The Museum of Black Civilisation ,plus the presidential mansion ,the independence and the Senegalese infantry men square, the former railway station which , Soweto square, the obelisk monument and the divinity mosque .

Price : 240 USD per person

Included: Pick up  and drop off at your selected hotel or location    .


•Times and services as an english guide .

•An  air conditioned car or mini van to see Dakar and go to the ferry station for Goree island

•Ferry tickets for Goree island 

•Slaves house fee and museum  Lunch on the island   Drop off to your selected location or hotel


Minimum participants : 2 

Maximum participants 30 

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The Divinity Mosque in Dakar

Dakar City Tour

Dakar half day City Tour :Visit the colourful senegalese capital City In this tour exceptional ,we are going to the discovery of Dakar ,former capital city of French West African colonies and its hidden gems.We will also take advantage of this discovery to see Dakar’s cultural park ,an architectural and cultural jewel ,in which we have The Monument Of The African Renaissance ,The Museum of Black Civilisation and the National Theatre ,but also the Railroad Station,a newly renovated building ,which dates back 1885 ,and which is part of Senegal ‘s historical heritage. Explore also the Independence Square ,the Roman Catholic Church,the Divinity Mosque ,the Obelisk and the Senegalese infantry men squares . When touring around Dakar ,you will have a portrait of the Senegalese dressed in colourful African attires . the bush taxi ,the street venders ,all those things that makes African. .

Price: 150  USD per person 


 • Pick up and drop off at your selected hotel or location .     


 • Times and services as an english guide .                                                 •An air conditioned car or mini van to tour Dakar

Minimum participants: 2 

Maximum participants :30 

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Monument of the African Renaissance in Dakar

Half day tour :Explore Bandia Animals Reserve

Bandia Animal's Reserve boasts of 3500 hectares and 60 km of track to cover. Upon arrival, start our exploration. Witness the hyaenas, giraffes, warthogs, derby and cap elands, buffaloes, impalas, kudu, zebras, green and red monkeys, rhinos and so on. Fulfil the dream to see the African Big 5! Visit the Baobab cemetery, a tree which was used as a graveyard in bygone days. This emblematic thousand-year-old tree is still used in some areas as a holy tree; where people still undergo the rituals. End the tour with the crocodile pond. On the way to the reserve, you will also have the opportunity to discover the African Savannah, dominated by the baobab - often qualified as being the pachyderm of the Savannah. On the way, you can click a portrait of the Africans in their attires, along with some scenes of their daily life.

Price :250 USD per person

Minimum participants : 2

Maximum participants : 30 

Included : Pick up and drop off at your selected hotel or location 

my time and services as a English tour guide .

An air conditioned car or minivan or bus to join  Bandia .

A 4X4 WD to tour Bandia .

Bandia entrance fee and ranger

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Sogui with the rhino in Bandia Animals Reserve

2 Days Tour:Explore Lompoul Desert ,A Desert with orange sand dunes

DAY01 Lompoul desert See the Pink Lake, the former finishing point of the Dakar Rally. There, you will see how the salt seekers harvest the mine of salt in the lake. Have a Jeep-safari through the dunes to the beach. Have lunch at Chez Salim hotel. Then, we head for the desert. Lompoul is a desert with orange dunes. For accommodation, you will have a sublime and comfortable Mauritanian tent with its nomadic style. Enjoy an invigorating local experience consisting of having a camel ride to behold the fabulous African desert sunset. Also, an African Ballet will be performed in your honour.

DAY02 Lompoul fishing harbour Explore the Lompoul fishing harbour to see the beautiful colourful fishing boats and the fisherfolks. Pay a visit to a village.

Contact Phone/WhatsApp :+221776494868 Price:At your request

Included in the cost

My times and services as an english guide

An air conditioned vehicle 

The tour in half board

Lunch for Day :01

The Jeep tour at the Pink lake 

Camel ride in Lompoul 

All visits 

All applicable taxes

No included


Lunch for Day :02


Sogui ,having a camel ride in Lompoul Desert

The Lion Walk In Fathala Reserve

A march with the lions is not a common tour. There are only six countries in the World ,where ,you can have such a delight full with with sensation .An entire immersion in local culture is guaranteed ,with the exploration of the village and the initiation to some of their activities like : the pounding of millet .A rare moment to learn about their culture. .Then You will have to explore one of the country's most beauty market: Kaolack's Central .Thus you will see Africa under another angle ,with its colours and uniqueness. You will the amulet maker ,and the shoes workshop and many local products. A boat ride on the river Saloum ,going through the huge mangrove ,seeing the oysters at the roots of the trees , and doing also some birdwatching.Then the next day ,we head to Fathala Animals Reserve for our long awaited walk with the lions .After a briefing ,given by the rangers .You will start !!!

Total Duration: 2 days

Day 1 : Exploration of Kaolack Central Market and Boat riding on the Saloum Rover Itinerary steps: 1 Meals included: lunch Accommodation included: Overnight at Hotel Keur Saloum in Toubacouta

Day 2 : The Walk with the Lions Itinerary steps: 1 Meals included: lunch Accommodation not included

Contact Phone/WhatsApp :+221776494868 Price:At your request

Sogui,walking with the lion

3 Days Tour: Explore Gorée island ,Lompoul Desert And Bandia Animals Reserve

Day 1: Explore Gorée island and Dakar

When choosing this tour, you will explore Dakar with its highlights, charms and hidden wonders. If you have a passion for history, let's go to Goree Island, which retraces the history of Slavery.There you will learn how Black people were abused ,brutalized , and enslaved for almost four centuries .Exploration of the Slaves House and its famous "Door of No Return»,which was the link of the slave with Africa. Lunch on Gorée island ,in  a restaurant with sea view. Dinner and Overnight at Chez Salim hotel at the Pink Lake .


Day 2 : Visit the Pink Lake  —Lompoul Desert

Explore the Pink Lake,another hidden wonder.This location used to be the last stage of the former :”DAKAR RALLY”.A jeep tour will permit us to see the salt harvesters and to go around the sand dunes ,the beach and of course to see the lake itself with its sublime pink colour . Lunch at the Pink Lake . Then we go northwards to discover Lompoul Desert with its orange sand dunes.For accommodation, you will have sublime and comfortable Mauritanian tents with a nomadic style. Enjoy an invigorating local experience consisting of having a camel ride to behold the fabulous African desert sunset. At night an African Ballet will be performed your honour around the fire and under a constellation.Dinner and overnight in Camp Du Desert.

Day 3 : Explore Bandia Animals Reserve

. At Bandia Animals Reserve ,in a 4WD ,and with the services of ranger ,we start our exploration.Witness the hyaenas,the rhinos,the zebras,the giraffes,the buffaloes,the Derby and Cap elands and so on .Fulfill the see some of the African Big 5 Visit the baobab graveyard with its skulls,an emblematic tree used in bygone days as cemetery.In some areas this thousand years old ,is a holy place,where people still undergo the rituals.End the tour with the crocodile  pond . Lunch in Bandia restaurant with a view on the crocodiles pond ,the monkeys and the animals. End of the tour and transfer to your hotel.

Contact Phone/WhatsApp :+221776494868 Price:At your request

Bandia Animals Reserve

8 Days Tour :Dindefelo falls,The Bedick Country And A Boat on the Gambia River


Tour Overview

In this unique tour ,you have an array of sites of great importance to discover .Explore Gorée island a world heritage ,famous for having been the greatest slaves depot in West African .See the world-wide known Slaves House and its famous «Door Of No Return » .Have a boat ride on the Gambia river to see the hippopotamus,the baboons and the birds.Visit one of the world most beautiful site :Dindefelo water falls .A unique site by its beauty. Discover another cultural jerem :the Bedick tribe .Do a trekking of about an hour to climb the hill and see the Bedick tribe ,classified living world heritage . Explore a village ,get an immersion in their culture ,and be initiated to some of their activities

. Itinerary :

Day 1 :Arrival at airport ,welcome and transfer to your hotel.Donner and overnight at NDaali or MBaila hotel

Day 2 : Explore Gorée island and Dakar.

Departure for our meeting with the history of mankind,to explore :Gorée island where in the early 15th century ,millions of Black people were enslaved and shipped for the Americas. We will lay bare ,slavery on Gorée island ,exploring the slaves houses and its famous “DOOR OF NO RETURN”,before ending with all the heritage .There ,you will learn, how Black people were enslaved,humiliated ,abused for centuries . Lunch in a sea view Restaurant,on the island. Then explore Dakar ,to see its cultural park ,an architectural wonder composed of the monument of the African Renaissance,the Gate of the third millenium,the big theatre,the monument of black civilisations ,the railroad station and so on .Dinner and overnight at NDaali hotel or MBaila

Day 3: MBour —Wassadou,near the Gambia river

From MBour ,we move in the inland ,crossing the forest dominated by the Baobab called :The pachyderm of the African savannah. See also the nomads with their huge herds of cows. Enjoy a myriad of scenes of the locals daily activities .Visit Douba village and see its stones circles. Lunch in Relais de Tambacounda hotel and continuation to Wassadou. Upon arrival ,have a boat ride on the  Gambia river to see the hippopotamus ,the baboons and the birds .Diner and overnight in the Ecolodge of Wassadou ,with a wonderful view on the Gambia river.

Day 4 : Wassadou —Kedougou

We cross the Park over more than a hundred kilometers ,with the possibility to see some wild animals,the baboons ,and some giant termites mounts .Enjoy this virgen forest classified world heritage .On the way ,see also the gold mines on the roadside .And the locals exploiting them traditionally.Enjoy the sublime beauty of the location with the first mountains and the Gambia river meandering the region. Lunch in Bedick hotel of Kédougou .After ,explore Kédougou Central Market .Dinner and overnight at Bedick hotel of Kédougou.

Day 5 :Kédougou —Dindefelo —Bandafassi .

From Kedougou,we move southward at few kilometers from the border with Guinea. On the way ,we will see many Fula typical villages and a wonderful virgen forest .Upon arrival at Dindefelo village ,a 45 minutes trekking will lead us to one of the most site of the world :Dindefelo falls .Admire such impressive beauty ! You will also have the possibility to swim here ! Lunch in Dindefelo Village lodge . Continuation to Bandafassi .Dinner and overnight at Chez Leontine Camp .

Day 6 :Bandafassi —Iwol Bedick village —Tambacounda.

From Bandafassi ,we move southward for our meeting with the Bedick of Iwol . The Bedicks are a small minority living on the hills for centuries. For them ,it was the only way to escape from attempt of being converted in Muslims during the tribal wars against the Fulani .In so doing ,they ended by keeping intact all their culture .If you visit them ,you got the impression to be some centuries back. A 45 minutes trekking will lead us to their village .Encounter with the chief and the rest of the population.Here ,the married ladies ,to show their marital status have a porcupine needle across the noose.Have a click of some scenes of their daily activities. And continuation to Tambacounda. As lunch ,we will have a picnic ordered from Bedick hotel in Kédougou .Picnic under a tree .Dinner and overnight in Relais de Tambacounda hotel.

Day 7 : Tambacounda —MBour

it's a transfer to MBour ,crossing again the African savannah.Lunch at Relais de Kaolack hotel .Continuation to MBour .Dinner and overnight in NDaali hotel or MBaila hotel.

Day 8 :Transfer to airport

Enjoy the beach and the sea .According to your fly ,we will take you back to the airport . End of services.


Phone number/WhatsApp :+221 776494868

Price:at your request


Included in the cost:

My time and services as English guide

All the tour in half board

An air conditioned vehicle

All the museums fee

Ferry ticket for Gorée island

All the visits

Bedick village fee

Dindefelo falls fee

A 4 WD to join Dindefelo 

All applicable taxes


No included



A Bedick Lady